Animal Death Toll At Kaziranga Park Reaches 50 In Eight Days Of Assam Floods

6:02 pm 14 Jul, 2017


Assam floods pose a threat to animals and humans alike. As the water level of the Brahmaputra, Barak and their tributaries rose, not just humans but animals at the Kaziranga National Park desperately started looking for dry land. Though the authorities tried to shift the animals to a safer place, a number of animals from threatened species were lost in the struggle.

Kaziranga has released the figures, at least fifty-three animals have died during the eight days of havoc created by floods. It is reported that around thirty-two drowned and the rest were run over by vehicles while trying to escape for highlands. Unfortunately, it involved crossing highway 37 where the vehicles collided with the animals.


The species which suffered the most is the hog deer with over forty-three dead during the floods. Of the dead hog deer, twenty-four drowned, seven were run over by vehicles, and twelve succumbed to injuries. Among the remaining hog deer, nine are getting treatment at the Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC) at Kaziranga.



Other animals which couldn’t survive the floods and drowned include one Asiatic wild buffalo, one wild boar, one sambar, and two eastern swamp deer. A leopard cat also died due to a head-on with a vehicle. Satyendra Singh, Kaziranga’s field director informed,

There as chance of more carcasses surfacing up with water level falling. Our monitoring and anti-poaching patrol has been intensified the assistance of police. There has been no incident of poaching so far.


Although the water level has started receding, 70% of Kaziranga is still covered with water. 90 animals have been rescued with the help of volunteers from CWRC, out of which, 69 have been released into the wild. No incidents of poaching have been reported during or after the flood. The floods have claimed many human lives along with 17 lakh people stranded.