25-Year-Old Anil Sonkar Survived Kolkata’s Flyover Crash Only Because He Had His Phone In His Hand

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5:52 pm 3 Apr, 2016

A survivor of the Kolkata flyover collapse that has killed over 25 people, has spoken of his grief and how he cheated death.

25-year old Anil Sonkar is one such person.



Sonkar on March 31, had left his home around 12.15 pm and was heading to work as an Uber Car driver.

As he was looking for his next fare on his smartphone, he heard a loud noise and noticed the dust falling on his windscreen.


Cloud Front

Arial view of the collapsed Flyover Cloud Front

He had parked his car at Vivekananda Road to have a cup of tea and it had just been five-minutes since he had made a stop.

Curious to know what was happening, he looked out of his his car and quickly realised that something is going to crash on his car.


Hindustan Times

Representational Image Hindustan Times

Remembering the dreaded moment, Sonkar said:

“Suddenly I realised that I was trapped under a pile of something solid. Fortunately the roof of the car saved me from those solid structures. But I could feel the pain on my neck and face. I was facing severe breathing problem.”

The solid structure was the under-construction flyover near Burrabazar area that had partially collapsed.

Sonkar’s head was stuck between the car’s roof and the back rest, but fortunately he still had his smartphone in his hand.



He was thus able to pick up his mobile phone and manage to make a call to his friend on speaker phone.

He quickly explained what had happened and gave his exact location.

“Thankfully, the call got connected to Ranjit, a neighbourhood friend. He rushed to the spot and alerted a few locals.”

After nearly 45 minutes. Ranjit was able to brake open the car door and rescue Sonkar. They placed a wooden plank between the seat and the roof and pulled him out by placing a towel on his face to avoid cuts and scratches.

He was quickly taken to Calcutta Medical College and Hospital and is now being treated there.

Thanking god for his good fortune, Sonkar said:

“I still don’t know how I managed to escape. I feel it’s only because my time had not come yet.”


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