ANI Interviews Its Own Staff As ‘Customer’ To Get Views On PM Modi’s Demonetisation Move

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5:02 pm 15 Nov, 2016

In a news item that fell somewhere between the category of weird and laughable, ANI News interviewed its own staff at a New Delhi tea stall following PM Modi’s demonetisation move.

It all started with a tweet thread on November 13 that showed that the owner of the tea stall in RK Puram has started accepting online payments for the customers who have no cash. They then interviewed a person called Shashank.


It was all fine, but the whole news item turned dubious when it was found that the man being interviewed – Shashank Tyagi – works at ANI News.


Shashank Tyagi/Facebook

Tyagi’s friends found it laughable when he was called a “customer”.


Shashank Tyagi/Facebook

Though ANI News has deleted the tweet since then, some are using the screenshots to hit back at the organisation.

Some poked fun at ANI too:

After the online backlash, ANI News issued an apology for their “error”.



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