11 Times We Witnessed Angry Reactions From Bollywood Actors Like Never Before

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9:30 am 8 Jul, 2018


Anger is a normal human emotion and reaction. When we’re upset, we usually tend to react in an unusual manner either with our actions or by our words. We tend to forget that our beloved Bollywood celebs are human too and as such cannot be expected to not get angry. However, when the angry Bollywood actors are often captured by the scrutinizing eyes of media.

Here are 11 times when we witnessed anger in the most crude and rude manner from B-town people. And oops! The moments of these angry Bollywood actors will always going to be there as they were captured.

1. Jaya Bachchan


On ample occasions, Jaya Bachchan has spoken her mind. Her reactions to getting clicked by the media, or at being asked questions have brought out angry reactions from her as well.


2. Ameesha Patel


At a particular promotional event, Ameesha seemed to be angry about everything from continuous questions being asked to not being addressed as ‘Ameesha Ji’.


3. Rishi Kapoor


We have all seen angry reactions from Mr.Chnitu Kapoor in the virtual world (follow his Twitter handle if you don’t know already). But even in the real world, Rishi Kapoor apparently pushed and slapped a reporter during Ganpati Visarjan.


4. Radhika Apte


On being asked about her intimate scene in the movie Parched, Radhika Apte lost her cool on the reporter who asked the question and lashed out.


5. Kashmera Shah


At an event, Kashmera’s spouse Krushna Abhishek was asked a question about their relationship to which Kashmera did not react well.


6. Shah Rukh Khan



When two movies release on the same day, that’s when Bollywood rivalry comes out in all honesty. Even King Khan is no different when it comes to that and when asked about it during the Kaabil-Raess clash he got quite angry.


7. Alia Bhatt


Alia Bhatt’s GK has been joked about so much that when a media person asked her one such question, she lost her temper.

8. Govinda


The slap case of Govinda vs Snatosh Rai is a classic example of a celebrity loosing his cool.


9. Anurag Kashyap



His moody nature is known to all within and outside the industry. This is one such instance where his anger came out on a reporter who asked him a question at a book launch event.


10. Raveena Tandon


Our beloved Mast Mast girl was recorded expressing her views about why she does not like to pose for photographs. Her anger was quite evident in the way she spoke.


11. Parineeti Chopra



When one of the reporters asked her a question related to sex and relationships and why women react to it in a certain, Parineeti got angry and gave a befitting reply to the journalist.

We too, as fans, audiences and even as reporters or journalists, need to change the way we behave around our beloved celebrities. Because, let’s not forget that they are human beings too and would react just like us when confronted with irritating situations, behaviour and questions.