Twitterati Are Furious With Angelina Jolie’s Method Of Casting Kids In Upcoming Movie

9:31 pm 27 Jul, 2017


Angelina Jolie took no time to become an emissary of peace and humanitarian work in past decade. Coming from a rather starlit family and spending the initial days of her career in a reckless fashion, she was able to make a mark in Hollywood. However, her intentions and work ethics are under question now.

In a recent cover story done by Vanity Fair magazine, Angelina was candid about her life. She spoke about her recent purchase of a $25m home, her separation from Brad Pitt and her children.

The shocking part, however, is when she informs how her latest movie and a Netflix original, ‘First They Killed My Father’, took to rather unconventional methods to cast children.


Angelina Jolie is the director of Netflix’s original ‘First They Killed My Father’. Indie Wire


The movie depicts the Cambodian Genocide when the four-year reign of terror began as Khmer Rouge assumes power over Cambodia in 1975. An excerpt from the magazine informs us how Jolie went around finding the right kind of children for the film.

To cast the children in the film, Jolie looked at orphanages, circuses, and slum schools, specifically seeking children who had experienced hardship. In order to find their lead, to play young Loung Ung, the casting directors set up a game, rather disturbing in its realism.

Excerpt from the Vanity Fair’s cover story on Angelina Jolie which talk about the casting methods used for her latest movie ‘First They Killed My Father’. Vanity Fair

And now the people have started pointing out at this particular bit of disturbing information in the story covering about Jolie’s divorce and struggles to keep up with her work and 6 children during this transitional period.

Where most of the publications and media houses are hailing her for being strong, some have been quick to criticize her for being “phony” with her humanitarian work, adoption, public speaking, etc, in the light of this revelation.


The cover story also explains how Cambodia was the turning point for the actress where she found her true calling to indulge in humanitarian work. Her first child Maddox was adopted from the country. A movie as close to Angelina Jolie as this one with work ethics highly criticized have made the public and some publications question her real intentions and true nature.