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Women In This Andhra Village Are Not Allowed To Wear Nighties During Day And The Reason Is Bizarre AF

Published on 11 November, 2018 at 4:26 pm By

Do you wear a nightie? So you wear it in the night or during a day? You will probably think what kind of a bizarre question is this? I can wear a nightwear whenever I want. Just because it is a nightwear doesn’t mean it will be worn only at nights! But there is a village in Andhra Pradesh, Thokalapalli, where the elders of the village have put out a rule prohibiting women from moving around in the village in nightwear during the day. Yes, Women are fined in Andhra for wearing nightdress in the day and the reason is that some men feel uncomfortable seeing them in such clothes.


As per the rule enforced in Thokalapalli, women cannot roam around the village wearing night clothes from 6 am to 7 pm. Those violating the rule would have to pay a fine of Rs 2,000 to the village development committee and those who inform about such women would get a reward of Rs 1,000.


The rule is already in force for nearly seven months now, and it came to light this week when Nidamarru police received an anonymous letter informing about such a rule.



The reason for such a rule is completely stupid and reveals the poor mentality. According to an enquiry by the police, the village committee had received a complaint that men were feeling uncomfortable watching some women in their nighties during the daytime.


One of the village elders told the police that the rule was imposed by women self-help groups themselves and men had nothing do with it.




Undoubtedly the rule is unconstitutional and promotes discrimination. It is for an individual to decide which dress she should wear. If a nightie is comfortable for her, there is nothing wrong in wearing it. In the same village, men move around wearing lungis and with a bare chest. Women are not uncomfortable by their sight then why men?




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