8 Sex Beliefs Of Ancient India That Will Leave You Surprised!

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Updated on 16 Jun, 2018 at 7:31 pm

Though India is famously known as the land of Kama Sutra, we are still living in the times where sex is considered a taboo. We can clearly say we are moving backwards, and our definition of sex is becoming more and more regressive. We, being the pioneers of sexual liberation around the world, have more cases of sexual violence against women than most countries.

Ever wondered, why is that so? Because many of us still believe that our culture doesn’t allow us to celebrate sex. But, in reality, it’s actually the opposite. Sex in ancient India was an explosion of sensuality, open relationships, erotic texts and temple sculptures. It was not a rigid taboo then, but a way of life.

Well, if you find that hard to believe, then we would like to enlighten your sex knowledge with these ten points:

1. Ancient India practiced and enjoyed the sex game called ‘Ghat Kanchuki’

‘Ghat Kanchuki’ involved a group of people belonging to different castes and relationship status getting together. The game starts with women removing their clothes and placing them in a pot. After that, each man would choose a clothing item from the pot one by one, and whoever’s clothes he picks, he would enjoy sex with that lady.

Not only this, the game went on till everyone had slept with each other. This occasion would generally have an equal number of men and women.


2. Both husband and wife were committed to pleasure each other sexually 

We are sexual beings, and our bodies long for pleasure. In ancient times, people followed the Kama Sutra rigorously and pleased each other without any inhibitions.


3. Nudity was seen as a comfort, not a disgrace

Tropically, India experiences a very hot climate. Thus, due to high temperature and humidity, people would often wear no clothes. Men would roam topless while women would be draped in loose and flowing silk sarees.

4. Kama Sutra was regarded as a sacred text and helped people to live a fulfilling life

The Kama Sutra is not just a book of sexual positions, it goes beyond that. It preaches how to live a good, pleasurable, and satiating life. It talks about sex as a spiritual experience and a form of meditation which today’s society must learn to acknowledge.


5. Sex was seen as a source of divine energy, not just a reproduction process

Sex was practiced as an experience to form a deep spiritual connection with your partner, connecting them to the highest level of emotional conscious.

6. Back then, there were eight types of marriages

Primarily, there were two categories of marriage, ‘Prashasta’ or approved and ‘Aprashasta’ or disapproved. Each category had four subdivisions.

Prashasta marriages was divided into Brahma, Daivya, Arsha, and Prajapatya.

In Brahma, being the purest form of Hindu marriage, the father would offer his daughter to a man of good character. In Daivya, the father gave away his daughter as a dakshina to a young priest. In Arsha, the father would give his daughter to the groom after receiving a cow or bull. Whereas in Prajapatya, the father would ask his daughter and her groom to make a promise to perform their dharma together, before letting her go.


Aprashasta was also divided into four types; Asura, Rakshasa, Paisacha, and Gandharva.

Asura involved a father receiving payment from a groom in exchange for his daughter. In Rakshasa, marriage was traumatizing as the bride was forcibly abducted to marry. Paisacha marriage was essentially a rape where a man intoxicated woman into sexual activities. The final type is called Gandharva which is like modern love where the bride selects a groom for herself.

7. Polygamy was widely practiced by the rulers

Polygamy was a culture among the ruling class. They had the resources and freedom to live a lavish and hedonistic lifestyle, but the majority of Indians had monogamous marriages.

8. A tempting meal was considered essential for great sexual performance

It is clearly mentioned in Kama Sutra that the sensuality of women and carnal pleasures occur only when the stomach is full. Also, there is an entire chapter on food in the Kama Sutra which says eating good food leads to better sexual performance.