Archaeologists Discover An Ancient ‘Lost Civilization’ In Mizoram

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6:00 pm 14 Mar, 2016


Archaeologists working in the Champhai district of Mizoram have stumbled across ancient ruins that probably belong to an ancient lost civilization.

The team excavated mysterious megalithic structures in Vangchhia, which hint at a great civilization having once lived there. Vangchhia is Mizoram’s only ASI-protected site.

Sujeet Nayan, who was director of the excavation, told TOI that this was one of the most important archaeological finds of the present time. He also said that the site held the key to unknown facts about Mizoram and the northeast.


The megaliths in Mizoram disocver-newer-horizons


Over 50 structures were documented by the team. Fragments of charcoal were collected and sent for carbon-dating and scientific analysis.

Sujeet Nayan said:

“We were exploring what lay beneath the bushes and thick foliage. The entire site could hold traces of a lost city or a greater lost civilization. It is amazing to stumble upon so many things. We need more time and research to reach a final conclusion.”


The team found burial sites that seemed like water pavilion and terraces that might have belonged to palatial buildings. The walls were made of big stones and the height of the terraces ranged from 10 to 25 feet.

Menhirs of Vangchhia

The menhirs of Vangchhia disocver-newer-horizons


Vangchhia lies close to the Myanmar border and has rolling hills and lush forests. The team believes that the ruins point to a great lost civilization that ruled the region in the distant past.

The excavation took place after the director of the ASI visited the site last year to study the numerous artifacts and structures that depicted humanoid figures and animals.

The archaeologists will return to the site for further study and research; they also hope to date the civilization once the samples have undergone analysis.

Mizoram megalith

The megaliths in Mizoram mizomegalith