1000-Year-Old Ganesha Idol Was Discovered In Bastar But It Remains Unverified

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7:40 pm 12 Sep, 2016


In the September of 2012, a local Bastar (in Chhattisgarh) journalist claimed to have discovered an ancient Ganesha statue located at the top of the Dhokal mountain. On 17 January, 2013, the Chhattisgarh Archaeology and Culture Department claimed to have done a survey of the idol.

The archaeologists said that the six-foot-tall idol was around a thousand years old. The reason given for its late discovery was that, at a height of 13,000 ft and located amid a forest, the place was hard to reach.

Ganesha idol Bastar


In 1934, the place was discovered by the British geologist Crookshank while the Bailadila mining was being surveyed, and there was no mention of an idol. The area is now known for its Maoist ties, which keep tourists away. There have been traces of ancient colonies in the area but there has been no proper study of these.

Archaeologists believe that the idol was made during the 9th or 10th Century, during the Nagvanshi Dynasty. Nearby were found traces of early man and their stone-age weapons. Despite years having gone by, there has been no public update about the truth behind this idol.

Bastar ganesha idol


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