Redefining Classical Music, Fusion Band “Anand Bhaskar Collection’ Is Winning Hearts Everywhere

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11:34 am 29 Aug, 2016


What is soulful music? At least I know it’s not those songs with five blonde models, an exotic Dubai location, raining alcohol and a DJ. And it also isn’t about old classic numbers always. It could be anything which cures and heals the soul, and for a while makes you forget everything else.

Such is the music of this rock-fusion band, called ‘Anand Bhaskar Collective,‘ who have fused Classical Indian Music with alternate rock. Believe us, every tune is nourishing to the ears.



Their socially relevant and engaging lyrics synchronized with melody-centric alternative rock sound makes them shine differently amongst all Indian bands. Being featured in ‘MTV Roots’, ‘MTV Indies’, ‘MTV Rush’ and other major music platforms, they are currently one of the favorite bands in India. Also, they have been honored with ‘Best Rock act’ on several occasions.


Anand Bhaskar, the founder, and their lead vocalist, had earlier fronted bands like ‘Descant’ and ‘MH 04’. Being trained in Carnatic music for almost a decade, his distinctly rustic voice connects with everyone’s heart. One of my personal favorite tracks from their debut Album ‘Samsara is ‘Tera Bina’.

The other core members of this band are Chandna Raina – Guitarist, Neelkanth Patel- Bass player, Ajay Jayanthi – Violinist and Shishir Thakur – Drummer. Their debut eight-track album ‘Samsara’ was released a year back and received a lot of appreciation from the masses. The purpose of this band is to compose music with a message. Seeing the calamity –  26/11 Attacks in Mumbai, Bhaskar, lead singer, recorded ‘Hey Ram’, a song about communal and religious hatred. It is also their most influential song till date.

In an interview with Live In Style, Bhaskar said, thanking his wife:

“The words and melodies just came and the song was finished within 15 minutes. She really kicked my ass and told me I needed to record this stuff and make more people listen to it.”

Catch the uplifting song track right here:

In addition to this song, there were ‘Amma Appa’, ‘Chewtiya’ – a takedown of everyone who spits tobacco in public and romantic melodies like – ‘Fanaa’,   ‘Roshanara’, and ‘Tere Bina’ in their debut album. With gaining more recognition and appreciation, they got a chance to collaborate with ‘Yfilms’ and created a beautiful track ‘Faasle’, which signifies how love melts away all distances and differences.

For all the long-distance couples, this video is must watch for you:

Well, after listening to some of their melodious tracks, you must be longing to know their life beyond music. As told to Live In Style, Anand Bhaskar endured a corporate life for 14 years. He says:

“I wish I was born in a ‘Filmy Family’ But since I am not, I have got no choice but to manage both my job and music simultaneously. I think everybody in the band is doing the same. While Chandan is a renowned musician/artist manager, Shrikant is a doctor. Neel works for Kotak Mahindra and Bhushan works for Flying Carpet. Ajay is the only guy in the band who is doing music full time right now. At the end of the day, no matter how tired you are, when you know you’re going to jam with your bros, you know you are going to sleep well. And that passion spills over to our shows too. “



Folks, the band ‘Anand Bhaskar Collective’, in the coming years, is projected to be one of the most finest and polished bands in India. Thier songs speak of their passion and dedication. At the same time, it’s our responsibility to learn to applaud artists beyond Bollywood because music is not an industry, it’s an art.


Catch all their songs here.  They have also released their album ‘Samsara’ on OK Listen and on iTunes.

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