An Indian Farmer Has Developed A Sugar-Free Hybrid Variety Of Wheat

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2:31 pm 31 Jul, 2017


Rajkumar Rathore, a farmer from Sehore in Indore district of Madhya Pradesh, has grown sugar-free wheat.

According to Rathore, this happened due to a solar eclipse that occurred shortly after the wheat seeds were sown by his father. He said that six years ago, his father had sown the seeds in their farm. After a few days, they noticed that the wheat grains looked different in shape. The grains were smaller and rounder rather than the typical long, elongated grain. Rathore also mentioned that the use of pesticides and fertilizers would kill this crop.

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The grains are now being tested in government laboratories. The wheat grains have low quantities of glucose and carbohydrates, making them fit for consumption by diabetic patients. The variety, named A-10, was first used by Rathore and his family for making rotis. He claimed that his mother’s sugar levels were controlled once she started eating rotis made of this grain.

Agriculture College Head, Dr. Ashok Krishna, revealed that it is highly possible that the seeds were affected due to the solar eclipse. He said that it is in fact quite common for the weather and other natural phenomena to affect food crops. During eclipse, the ozone layer become less effective to save living things from the harmful UV rays of the sun, hence such occurrence in crops is seen.

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The government has enacted the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Act to research more on the mutation of food grains due to natural phenomena.



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