An Entire City Was Seen Floating On The Clouds Over China

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4:20 pm 20 Oct, 2015

No, this is no such bizarre news to catch more clicks. In two Chinese cities of Jiangxi and Foshan, an uncanny phenomenon was observed.

As the residents took out their cameras to capture it, the clouds gathered together to give a visual of a floating millennium city wrapped in its blanket.


While many believe it to be a supernatural occurrence of a parallel universe, weather experts are calling it an optical illusion.

According to Daily Mail, this is known to be ‘Fata Morgana’ –  a type of mirage that distorts objects in the distance.


Fata Morgana

A Fata Morgana of a lighthouse that appears like a tower in the middle of a sea. Gizmodo

It’s caused when the sun heats up the atmosphere above the land or oceans creating a gradient of temperatures. The air close to the surface is relatively cool and above that, there are layers of warmer air.

When light hits a boundary between two layers that are different temperatures – and as a result different densities – it bends and travels at a different angle.

If conspiracy theorists are to be believed, it could be a possible holographic test for Project Blue Beam.

Project Blue Beam is a theory which claims NASA will someday simulate an alien invasion of Earth or second coming of Christ through holograms.

With such layers of possibilities, speculating the very reason behind this occurrence could be tricky.

Nevertheless, it raises a lot of questions for China. Moreover the hyperbole of upcoming “disclosure” of “aliens” cannot be ignored. Should the world be prepared for something bigger?



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