Trolled For Promoting Christmas Charity Event, Amruta Fadnavis’ Reply Leaves Twitter In Splits

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5:50 pm 13 Dec, 2017


Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’s wife Amruta Fadnavis, has become the latest victim of social media trolling. She was trolled for attending a Christmas charity event, which aims to collect gifts for poor children, in Mumbai on December 11.

Amruta Fadnavis with her husband and daughter starsunfolded

She tweeted a photograph from the event.



However, her act did not go down well with some Twitterati who started slamming her. She was even accused of promoting a charity linked to Christmas, while others accused her of “spreading Christianity”.

She soon came with a reply saying that “love, sharing & empathy have no religion.”

However, this didn’t convinced Vaidya, and she hit back at Fadnavis asking her to not be a “writer of ‘Chicken Soup For The Evangelical Soul’.


(FYI, ‘evangelical’ is anything related to the teachings of Christianity.)

This prompted the First Lady of Maharashtra to come back at her with a stronger response.

Vaidya again took aim at her:

However, Fadnavis remained firm on her stand:

So what’s your opinion who has won this round on Twitter?



Amruta has vigorously started pursuing social causes like village development. She has adopted two villages and is also an adviser to different NGOs working for the causes that she believes in.

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