Amol Sainwar Used To Pick Coal From Streets. He Later Transformed An Entire Village

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Updated on 28 Aug, 2018 at 2:09 pm


What does HOPE mean to you? For Amol Sainwar it means Help Our People for Education.

Amol Sainwar

HOPE is a foundation established by Amol Sainwar who helps efficient people to achieve their goals.

Born on November 1, 1977 in Rajura, Chandrapur district, Maharashtra, Amol Sainwar experienced the tragedy of losing his father at an early age.


This forced him to start working at a very tender age to support his mother in looking after him and his 3 sisters.

Amol used to sell bread and gather coal from streets so that his mother could cook a meal.

He also joined a garage and used to change tyres of cars during his vacations.


Amol was a bright student but did not have enough money to pay for education. So his teachers helped him.


He decided to follow the footsteps of his mentors and established HOPE for people like himself.

HOPE – Help Our People for Education – was established in the year 2007 (click here to see inauguration video), and has helped 35 students fulfill their dreams. It has lit more than hundreds of houses with its project ‘Vidya Deep’.

HOPE completely transformed an entire village with its efforts and is continuing to do so for more such villages in Maharashtra.

It also helps the poor and needy who need expensive medical aids.



Amol’s foundation was behind the success of IAS officer Varun Baranwal (see pic) and The Vidya Deep project.

Everything from basic education to water supply is covered under the Vidya Deep project.

Amol draws heavily from the principles of Swami Vivekananda and Anna Hazare.