This Must-Watch Short Film, ‘Amma Meri’, Is A Painful Ode To A Mother

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1:15 pm 30 Aug, 2017



This six-letter word is the epitome of all the beautiful emotions known to mankind. But, very often, we forget that she is also a part of the inevitable process of aging. As time passes, the loud lines on her head and her colorless hair signal that she is getting old, and perhaps, weaker.

This truth forms the essence of this intriguing short film, ‘Amma meri’, directed by Tarun Jain. The film was premiered at the prestigious International Documentary and Short Film Festival in Kerala.


Tarun is a promising independent director whose last short film, ‘Aakhir,’ won accolades at various international film festivals. Needless to say, this time, too, the director has done a spectacular job.


Unlike his suspense film ‘Aakhir’, the director has scripted a painful story which is deeply connected to Indian roots. ‘Amma meri’ is an unfortunate tale of a villager, Balram, who loses his father and is left with an ailing mother, Amma. Having lost all his land and money on his father’s treatment, he is left penniless.

Strangely, this is when his bedridden mother becomes the center of the plot. Though her role in Balram’s life is nil, still, her presence influences everyone in the story.


Tarun has tried to express the most complicated moments through silence, which makes the movie visually stunning. Dialogues are limited and to the point.

Anurag Arora, who has starred in hit movies like ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Oye’, ‘Dangal’, and ‘Raees’, is the captain of the film. His sadistic expressions look so raw and real that he keeps the viewers engrossed throughout.


Another key role is played by Balram’s daughter who is having an affair while Balram struggles to find the right groom for her. Her role is short but impactful.

This film also shows her journey, from a rebel to a lover.


The most convincing part of the movie is its end, where Amma, again, becomes the central figure as other characters show their true side.


So, if you are looking for a good content-driven film and amazing performances, mark this movie in your must-watch list right away.