Amit Shah Slams Congress On NRC Final Draft, Says Only NDA Has The Courage To Do It

5:06 pm 31 Jul, 2018


In a surprising turn of events, the Registrar General of India, under the supervision of Supreme Court of India has found 40 lakh people ineligible to be included in the National Register of Citizens (NRC) draft. While the exercise was monitored by the Supreme Court in order to identify the illegal migrants living in the state of Assam, the results have ignited strong political reactions from both the ruling party and the opposition. On one hand, the opposition is targeting the BJP government for trying to divide the citizens for political benefits, BJP President Amit Shah has put his point-of-view that has sparked yet another huge controversy.



During the discussion on the issue of National Registrar of Citizens (NRC) in Assam in Rajya Sabha recently, Amit Shah lashed out at the erstwhile UPA governments in the assembly and the reason was quite unpredictable. Apparently, Amit Shah dragged Rajiv Gandhi’s name in the assembly on the issue of NRC draft. The draft originally was an initiative by then-PM Rajiv Gandhi in 1985 to control the movement of illegal migrants in Assam.



Historically, When Rajiv Gandhi was the Prime Minister of India in 1985, an exercise was conducted as a part of the Assam Accord to identify the illegal migrants in the state. So, in relation to the issue, BJP President Amit Shah questioned the intentions of the Congress Party in Assam, seeking to know whether they wanted to protect the “illegal Bangladeshis” in the state.




Incidentally, Amit Shah’s remarks against Rajiv Gandhi instigated chaotic protests by the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha. Opposition including Trinamool Congress created an uproar in the assembly that led the Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu to adjourn the house for the day altogether. While addressing the house, Amit Shah said,

“NRC is being conducted on the SC order. There are 40 lakh people (missing in the list). Whom do you want to save? You want to save illegal Bangladeshis. This was the Congress PM’s initiative earlier. But he (Rajiv Gandhi) did not have the courage. We at NDA have the courage and we are doing it.”



Watch the video of Amit Shah addressing the NRC draft issue in Rajya Sabha:



Even the presence of Home Minister Rajnath Singh was silenced due to the noisy protests by the opposition ministers in the assembly. In other news, Supreme Court has said that no coercive actions should be taken against those whose names are not present in the NRC of Assam since it is only a draft.