Amit Shah Dropped The National Flag To The Ground During Hoisting, Got Brutally Slammed By Netizens

1:16 pm 16 Aug, 2018


Indians celebrated Independence Day on August 15, 2018, marking 72 years of freedom from British rule. From singing patriotic songs to flying kites high in the sky, there were celebrations not just in India, but all over the world. One of the most important events that take place on every Independence Day in India is the national flag hoisting ceremony by the Prime Minister of India at the Red Fort. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a heartfelt speech during the Independence Day celebrations at the Red Fort this year.

While PM Modi hoisted the national flag at the Red Fort during the celebration, BJP President Amit Shah took the honor to hoist the Tricolor at the BJP headquarters in New Delhi. However, he found himself in the most embarrassing moment when an unexpected incident took place during the Independence Day ceremony at the headquarters.


Indian national Flag




In a shocking turn of events, during the flag hoisting ceremony, BJP leader Amit Shah pulled the rope of the flag and in spite of going up, the national flag dropped on the ground for a while. It appeared like a mistake and it was corrected soon enough when Amit Shah hoisted the national flag sky high.



But a video of the unfortunate incident went viral on the social media and the result is not pleasant. Amit Shah had to face the outrage of Twitterati for disrespecting the Indian national flag during Independence Day celebrations. Watch the video here:



Evidently, netizens have posted the most outrageous comments on the social media against the Amit Shah who could not handle the Indian national flag with proper care. Even the PM Modi and the BJP party became the target of brutal slams in the matter. AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal and Congress Party also mocked the actions of the BJP President Amit Shah with their tweets on social media.



Take a look at few of the comments:



Even AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal mocked the BJP President!



Such a shame!



What an insult!



True that!






Guess so!



Even the PM is targeted for disrespecting the national flag!



People are demanding apologies!



Thugs who call them nationalists!






They humiliated the national flag!



Here’s what the Congress party has to say!




In fact, even the news anchor on the popular news channel couldn’t control his emotions on the shocking incident as he can be heard saying, “tch..tch..tch….Disaster..”. Check it out here:



What happened was quite unfortunate! What do you think about the incident? Tell us in the comments!