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Amidst Rising Pollution In India, This Company Is Selling Bottled Fresh Air

Published on 3 December, 2018 at 3:31 pm By

There is a lot of damage that we as inhabitants have caused to mother earth. Right now we are surrounded by polluted water, polluted air, and a super degraded environment. The air quality, in particular, is extremely horrible and is causing a lot of problems. People in different parts of the nation are looking for ways to escape their daily life and the city’s polluted air. But are we so far gone that we have to resort to bottled fresh air?


Yes, an online platform has started to sell bottled fresh air. As per reports, the initiation for this product came from a 2016 experiment by Gas Authority of India. Surprising, right?



Apparently, it began with an ‘Air Seller’ YouTube campaign video, which put forth the idea of selling bottled air. And now it seems to have turned into a reality. A company by the name Pure Himalayan Air is selling bottles of fresh air.

Check out their bottled fresh air here:



Wondering for how much do they sell this air for? A single 10 litres bottle comes for Rs. 550! But is it really a solution to air pollution? Or is it more like a temporary band-aid?



The seller of this bottled fresh air claims that they visit the pristine Himalayas. There, they use the cold press compression technique to fill in the containers with fresh air. They follow proper medical and quality control standards. They then ship these packed bottles all across the globe.




Well, bottled fresh air has a huge market in China as well, and now the Indian market seems to be catching on. What are your views on this new product, do let us know.

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