10 Tips From ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Which Every Wannabe Model Should Note

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 4:05 pm


Don’t we look at those models strutting in style and wonder ‘How do they look so gorgeous up there?’. But modelling definitely isn’t as easy as it looks. ‘America’s Next Top Model’ that has successfully run 22 cycles has taught us few important tips. So all the aspiring models out there, here is a must read on ‘10 dos and don’ts for aspiring models’:




1. Do not be a “no-neck monster.” Try to elongate your neck for maximum extension.

2. Do not stare aimlessly when posing. Create intensity for the camera through your eyes. Smize (smile with your eyes)!

3. Do request to have your favorite music playing when you do a shoot! The beat will kick your poses up 10 notches!



4. You MUST have a beauty shot, from the neck up, before you go for an agency meeting. Have a friend take a nice photo of you in either black and white or color.

5. Do not play it safe and stay in the same pose. Mix it up with innovative poses. Your wildest pose could be the one that’s picked.

6. Study about the industry as much as you can. you need to know everything from fashion designers, photographers, supermodels, and all in between.

7. Learn to work your flaws. You don’t want to be photographed with them. For example, if you have a large forehead, chin up when walking.



8. Have good posture: Stand up straight, shoulders back.

9. Do not slouch on the runway; pretend you have a wire through your spine that is pulling you up to the ceiling.

10. Practice your walk, poses, and faces in the mirror.



Watch ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Season 23 on Colors Infinity for more tips.

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