Ameesha Patel Trolled For Flaunting Her Cleavage! Haters Even Asked For One Night Stand

3:16 pm 6 Dec, 2018


Bollywood actresses have always been an easy target for trollers for their choice of dresses. The actress who recently faced this trolling menace was none other than Ameesha Patel. She shared her picture on Instagram handle in which she was seen flaunting her cleavage. She was trolled for sharing such a picture and comments were disgusting. And this was not the first time that she was trolled, earlier too, Twitterati lashed out at her for showing revealing pictures.

Despite the fact that she is out of showbiz, the actress is quite active on Instagram as her fans like to follow the celebrity’s day-to-day updates.




Now, let’s show you the picture for which she was trolled. It is a black and white pic and we must say that the diva looked absolutely stunning.




The comments on the picture were a perfect example of senseless trolling.

The user called her ‘desperate’ for showing her cleavage. I mean how does it show desperation?


It is a sad reality that women are often made to feel embarrassed for the clothes they wear and celebrities become a soft target for anonymous trolls.




How disgusting is that? Asking for a one night stand! Asking for the rate of spending a night with an actress is what needs to be trolled and not the picture.





There is no end to such negativity and shameful act of calling names to a celebrity and trolling an actress for showing cleavage. We think that celebs are humans too and as Priyanka recently admitted it affects them too. What do you think?