User Orders Shampoo From Amazon Prime, But Didn’t Expect This Delivery Time!

2:54 pm 20 Aug, 2018


Amazon Prime, one of e-commerce’s biggest assets was launched more than 12 years ago in the U.S. With more than 100 million American Prime members, it’s now gone global as well. With features like free two-day shipping along with a Prime membership, it offers latest TV shows and movies via Amazon Prime Video as well. Not just that, Amazon Prime is all about fastest and quickest local delivery. For this, Amazon turns to its own Amazon-branded fleet for faster deliveries.

According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, “For a flat annual membership fee, you get unlimited two-day shipping for free.” However, how’s the shipping free if you’re still paying a fee?!



However, from the previous record, Amazon seems to be getting things wrong. In 2017, the e-retail giant announced ‘Amazon Key’, a service that allows Amazon to deliver orders inside your home when no one’s there.




It basically meant that Amazon’s delivery people can sneak in and drop off packages. Twitter instantly exploded with concerns over privacy and the ability to enter your home unattended.





In India too, Aditii, whose Twitter handle is @Sassy_Soul_, complained about not finding what she wanted in Amazon. She wrote to them openly:



As expected, Amazon’s social media team got into action and instantly responded to avoid further damage:



However, another similar incident happened when Danish Malik was sent a wrong delivery instead of a Kissam jam bottle. The company later apologized to end the matter.



However, yet another incident has come to light after a Reddit user shared what happened after ordering a TRESemme Smooth and Shina Shampoo, 580 ml, via Amazon Prime.



On most prime products running out of inventory, it shows “only 1 left in stock” and then the seller automatically removes the product from the listing.



Aa any regular shopper will know, shampoos are much more cheaper to buy through an online service.



This 4/5 rated TRESemme shampoo was on deal that time, so it must have gone out of stock within a few minutes.



The reason? Because Amazon Prime showed 44-46 delivery time for free delivery on this product! Don’t believe it? Here’s proof:



After this post, Amazon users came forward with their experiences. Have a look at some of them:


Amazon Prime


Amazon Prime


Amazon Prime


Amazon Prime



Looks like most people aren’t satisfied with Amazon and its services! Do you have any story to share? Tell us in the comments.



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