Woman Orders Expensive JBL Speakers On Amazon, But Gets The Shock Of Her Life!

5:54 pm 3 Nov, 2018


In spite of being one of the largest retailers in the world, Amazon faced an astonishing loss of almost $50 million in 2017! The reasons ranged from fake sellers, defective products, rude customer service or unethical scams. In the  embarrassing cases, the bereaved customer is either told to file a police complaint or promised a refund!

Such issues often leave unsatisfied customers almost picking their own hair! Their customer care service, however, still tries to win back their customers.



Like it happened when some Aditii (twitter name:@Sassy_Soul_) tweeted a complaint to Amazon when she was unable to find her product:



As it should happen, Amazon India’s goof-up went noticed by the retailer’s team and they responded with this reassurance:



Need more examples of Amazon India’s goof-up on social media?



One Danish Malik complained regarding Amazon delivery on Twitter when he received a Kissan jam bottle half-empty!



However, the company took note and apologized to Danish with their standard “inconvenience email”. This is what they said:



Now, what seems like revised history lesson, another case of Amazon India’s goof-up has come to light and even we don’t know what to react on this one.



This time, an Amazon customer ordered a JBL speaker worth Rs 7000 and got a major surprise (don’t know which emoticon fits here) with a Diwali diya and sweets instead!


WTF?! Rs 20 ladoos for Rs 7000 JBL speakers?!



The bereaved customer didn’t know how to react or do with her order so she shared the pictures of the sweet gifts on Twitter instead:



As usual, Amazon India has promised to look into the matter and apologized for their slip-up! But we hope they don’t stress on their ‘return policy’ and their customer enjoys a happy Diwali irrespective!







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