Amazon Plants ‘Fake Packages’ To Prevent Drivers From Stealing Products, And The Trick Has Worked

12:22 pm 23 Sep, 2018


In spite of being one of the largest retailers in the world, the global business giant Amazon faced a loss of almost $50 million in the year of 2017. While this loss was attributed to in-company thefts and frauds, there was no serious proof with Amazon about the same. Therefore to deal with this unexpected problem, Amazon came up with one of the most creative tactics to deal with the thieves and fraudsters.

According to sources, Amazon introduced a unique technique to catch the fraud drivers who run off with the packages. Apparently, the multinational giant will occasionally insert dummy packages (which might be empty or may have a random object inside to provide some weight to the package) inside the deck of orders that a driver needs to take for deliveries.




While the packages will be fake, being a trap to catch the thief, the label and bar code on the package will be same. Incidentally, the real-looking label on the package will show an error message when it will be scanned.



These dummy packages are planted to check the integrity of the drivers such that their response to the fake package can determine their loyalty to their work. The error message from the scan will let the workers know that the package isn’t registering in Amazon’s system. This will ensure that drivers who intent to steal will be caught if the driver does not deliver the package to Amazon.



According to an Amazon spokesperson:

“Checks and audits are part of overall quality programs and are administered at random.”


With an interesting initiative like this, Amazon and many other giant retailers could prevent their business from theft, which has become an enormous problem with the increasing number of customers engaging in online shopping.

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