Amazon Is Selling A Doormat With Indian National Flag On It

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9:22 pm 5 Jan, 2017

Doormats of all shapes, sizes and designs are available on Amazon’s US platform. The sellers are not just from the US but also from continents such as Europe and East Asia.

Selling of doormats designed as the national flag is not illegal or offensive in US.

Doormats designed like the US Stars and Stripes are sold for as low as USD 12 and quickly run out of stock signalling their demand in the country.

In fact, doormats designed like flags of US States, too, sell like hot cakes.

But what might offend Indians is that one of the items on sale on the platform is a doormat designed as the Indian National Flag.



It is priced at USD 21.99 (INR 1491 approx) and is being sold by a seller called Yeo F. Stout based out of Austria in Europe.

Unlike Americans, Indians revere the tricolour and do not use it for any purpose that can be deemed to be an insult of the national flag. There are laws in India that enforce strict rules governing the use of tricolour. But beyond the laws, an Indian’s connection to the national flag is more emotional.

Indians see the tricolour as the symbol of their freedom from the British rule and identify it as something for which many of the country’s great freedom fighters gave their lives.

In the West, however, even religious symbols can be used as designs for goods unless they cause offence. Previously Hindus in the West and India successfully stopped the sale of beer in Belgium which had Lord Ganesha’s image on the bottle.


Amazon responded to us in a Tweet that they have taken note of the matter and have forwarded the same to the concerned division.

This story has been updated with Amazon’s response on January 6.

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