This Disrespectful Act By Amazon Made #BoycottAmazon Trend On Twitter

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 1:40 pm

Technology is changing and social media sites  are taking over. Online shopping has become a part of almost everyone’s life. People prefer shopping online because of their busy schedules. Amazon is a big name in online shopping. People have always kept the site on number one because of its products and services.

But, Amazon US has done something very disturbing. It has hurt the sentiments of Indian across the globe. India, being a diverse nation, gives the uppermost place to the religions and traditions that are practised here. Disrespecting gods and goddesses is never expected, but the e-commerce giant did a very disgraceful thing and made everyone angry.

They put doormats with the pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses for sale on their site. The site has taken the products off its site after the furore it created.



This shattered the sentiments of its customers so bad that #BoycottAmazon began trending on Twitter. Here are the tweets that show how angry people are with Amazon.

It didn’t angry just Hindus!


A namo follower.


Amazon’s song backfired!


Really pissed off.




Not acceptable.


Aukaat yaad dila di!


Lost all respect.


Disgraceful act of shame.


Expecting apologies.


Not dumb to tolerate nonsense


We know that it wasn’t the mistake of Amazon solely. It’s the sellers who sell their products on this portal. Amazon is just a medium. But Amazon should have kept a check on the type of products that are being sold. The products have been removed from the site and we hope this won’t be repeated. So far Amazon has been the best in its services and products and we expect the same in the future, as well.