26 Jaw-dropping Sand Sculptures That Were Made With Sheer Skill

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4:10 pm 12 Nov, 2015


Sand art is the practice of modelling sand into various forms which looks artistic and unique. It includes sand brushing, sand sculptures or sand bottles. Here we brought you some of the amazingly-built sand sculptures build by world class artists:


1. Like a boss sculpture:


2. Gollum from the ‘Lord of the Rings’:

Sand sculpture

Artist Radovan Zivny at work gawkerassets



3. Gorilla sand sculpture:


4. Giant reptile on the beech:


5. Message to help the tsunami victims:


6. Magnificent sand sculpture from China:


7. Sculpture on Delhi blast in September 2008:

Made by Sudarshan Patnaik in Puri after the Delhi blasts in September 2008.


8. Amazing sand sculptor Susanne Ruseler from the Netherlands posing with her work:


9. And here is the yellow brick road to Oz made by sand:


10. Sand sculpture festival:


11. Picture from sand sculpture festival held in Algarve:


12. The giant King Kong:


13. The animals:


14. The staggering sand sculpture spotted at a sand sculpture festival:


15. The elephant:


16. The Dragon dwellers:


17. The leaders:


18. Tribute to Nelson Mandela sculpture:


19. The castle made of sand:


20. And this is the largest sand sculpture in Belgium:


21. Sand sculpture at Bandrabhan, Hoshangabad by Sudarshan Patnaik:


22. The impossible mission:


23. Red ribbon awareness sand sculpture created by Indian sand artist Patnaik


24. Sand hotels have been a part of Dutch cites:


25. Humpty Dumpty and friends:


26. World’s tallest sand castle at New Jersey: