Amazing Photographs Of Shatrujeet: The Desert Exercise Being Conducted By The Indian Army

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6:02 pm 21 Apr, 2016

Pakistan has often flaunted its 60 km Hatf IX missiles as a counter to India’s conventional military superiority. To fine tune the strategy and tackle the threat, the Indian Army organized a massive exercise that has almost completed its last phase. Here is everything you need to know about it along with some amazing pictures of our Indian soldiers participating in the exercise with full dedication.

The Indian Army is conducting a major exercise ‘Shatrujeet’ by the  Mathura-based Strike Corps in the desert area of Mahajan field firing range in Rajasthan.



The exercise is being conducted to evaluate the capability of the army to strike, deep into the enemy territory in an integrated air -land battle environment.



In this scorching heat, the Indian soldiers can be seen participating with full dedication.



The exercise has completed its last phase and will be ending tomorrow i.e. April 22, 2016.



A soldier jumping off a helicopter during the para-dropping exercise.



The Indian Army is looking to the increasing new challenges across the border.



An impressive shot of a Pinaka MBRL in action during Shatrujeet. 



Shatrujeet being evaluated by General Sarath Chand, Army Commander, South Western Command.



The motive is to make the Indian army’s war talent stronger and better in a short time, especially in the context of fighting in the desert.



Awesome shot of Para/SF quad bike in action.



Night firing demo by Indian army tanks during Shatrujeet.



Soldiers in action mode. All set to give their best.



Even the extreme heat of the Thar desert couldn’t stop our brave soldiers. They are all set to protect and destroy!



Source: Twitter


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