18 Amazing Ways To Use Ice Cube Trays

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5:05 pm 30 Oct, 2015


Are you stacking up your ice cream cube trays in that old cupboard because winter has arrived?  Don’t you do that! because here are some ready to try desert recipes that can make you a star in the next party at your place.


1. Ice cream cubes

Well, this is the original way of serving milk shakes. Your children gonna love that for sure!

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2. Sushi

Don’t be amazed this is a great way to keep your Japanese appetizer fresh for a long time.



3. Wine

Want a perfect addition to your Sangria? ‘Wine Cubes’ are the best.



4. Fresh lime juice and mint

Home made Mojito will be perfect with these lime and mint cubes.

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5. Chocolate cubes

Make chocolate cubes and add some milk to it. The combo will serve a tasty milk shake.



6. Aloe juice

This can be used for cosmetic purpose. Scrub your face with these cubes and experience the freshness.



7. Edible tinsel cubes

Wanna light up your party? Add these edible cubes to sparkle up your cocktails.



8. Blood orange juice cubes

These will give a lovely citrus flavour to your favourite drinks.



9. Grenadine Cubes

Frozen Grenadine cubes will give a very peculiar but sweet flavour to your champagne



10. Chocolate covered strawberries

They will probably become the most delightful thing you ever eaten!



11. Watermelon chunks

You don’t even need any ice cube tray to get these perfectly natural fruity chunks. Just cut and freeze them!



12. Yougurt smoothies

Use those about to expire yogurt pack for smoothies by freezing them in an ice cube tray.



13. Multi layered fruit ice cubes

This will give a spectacular look even to clear water.



14. Edible flowers

They have no flavour at all but they look beautiful.



15. Frozen flower cubes

Planing a perfect romantic evening for your better half? These frozen flower will be the cherry on the top.



16. Coffee cubes

Freeze that left over coffee and add those cubes to some milk to get a perfect yummy coffee milk shake.



17. Pureed fruits

They will add amazing colours to your smoothies.



18. Peach puree

Frozen peach puree cubes can become addition to any kind of dessert.



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