This Unsung Hero Of Amarnath Terrorist Attack Deserves Recognition

8:24 pm 13 Jul, 2017


India was in a deep state of shock after the terror attack on Amarnath pilgrims. Seven people died whereas 19 were injured.

While the country’s major news channels and publications remained occupied in hailing the heroics of the driver of the bus, Salim Mirza, hardly anyone bothered to talk about what happened during the attack when the injured were seeking help.


Thousands of Pilgrims visit Amarnath Shrine every year.

As per a report, based on a report previously published by Dainik Bhaskar, some shocking facts remained unnoticed by most of us. The publication says, “None of the Muslim Locals or Shopkeepers came forward to help and prove their ‘Kashmiriyat’ any of the 56 pilgrims despite the horrendous tragedy and the bleeding survivors that included tiny tots. It took a ‘Gujarati Muslim’ to break the norm.”


It has further been reported by the publication that the local residents even laughed at the victims when they were approached for help.

And in the middle of this situation stood another hero – Harsh Desai.

It was Desai who first spotted the terrorists about to fire and quickly pulled Mirza down from his seat thereby saving the life of the driver, who then went on to display his bravery.


Harsh Desai who played a major role in saving Amarnath attacked pilgrims.

“Harsh locked the doors to prevent the terrorists from coming inside. He knew that unless he did so, death would be inevitable for all. He sustained 3 bullet injuries.  He realized that everyone would die if the bus remained there and that they need to escape. It was he who told the shocked & confused driver Saleem to drive the bus and stop only at military base,” writes the publication.


The publication writes that the media has converted the attack’s story into a hyped “Muslim bravado story”.

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