The Tragic Love Story Of Amanmani And Sara That Resulted In Her Gruesome Death

4:44 pm 5 Apr, 2018


‘Goon-turned-politician’ is nothing new in the world of Indian Politics. Two such names that shine brightly in this list are of four-time Uttar Pradesh legislator Amarmani Tripathi and his son Amanmani Tripathi.

However, there are times when justice is late, but it ultimately gets served. Such is the case for this father-son duo. In 2017, CBI formally charged former Samajwadi Party leader Amanmani Tripathi with the murder of his wife Sara. His father Amarmani Tripathi and mother Madhumani are already serving a life term. They were convicted of murdering a poetess, Madhumita Shukla.




The story of Amanmani and his wife Sara started with love that met an unanticipated tragic end.

Sara was an aspiring actress hailing from Lucknow who met Gorakhpur’s resident Amanmani for the first time in the “City of Nawabs”. With time, they became close to each other but faced resistance from both the families. Eventually, they decided to get married in a temple secretly in July 2013. It was not before 1 year that Amarmani finally accepted the alliance and welcomed the couple into his house.


The sudden tragedy that destroyed this seemingly beautiful picture was Sara’s death under suspicious circumstances. She passed away on July 9, 2015, allegedly from a car accident. However, Sara’s family was not ready to accept this reason and they lodged a complaint against Amanmani.


The investigators got suspicious when Amanmani, travelling in the same car that caused Sara’s death appeared scratchless. Also, the evidence suggesting a car accident was inconclusive that further added on to the suspicion. Eventually, he was arrested for kidnapping Sara, and the kidnapping case was later changed to murder case by CBI. It was discovered during the investigation that she was a victim of domestic abuse. CBI spokesperson RK Gaur said:

“During investigation, it was found that Sara Singh was allegedly being subjected to physical torture and cruelty by the accused.”


He further added that it was a “premeditated plan” synchronized by Amanmani to kill his wife Sara.

“She was allegedly murdered on July 9, 2015, with a premeditated plan by the accused and his accomplices, after which a road accident was faked and presented as the cause of death.”

It was discovered that she wanted out of the marriage and in order to avoid paying alimony, he decided to rob her of her life.


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