30 Healthy Alternatives To French Fries That Are Sure To Titillate Your Taste Buds

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10:00 am 12 Aug, 2017


We all are guilty of indulgence once in a while; especially indulgence in the matter of food and drinks. And then, of course, we all regret having eaten that slab of chocolate we couldn’t resist or the scoop of ice cream that looked “Oh! So delicious”. But the thing about such indulgences is that we realize the guilt too late! And though we do enjoy it while it lasts we know deep down that it’s not good for us.

One such food item we just can’t resist is French fries. Apart from the fact that French fries are full of carbs and fats, fries also contain high levels of salt which could all lead to health issues like obesity, high blood pressure and ultimately a heart disease which could in worst scenarios lead to a heart stroke. So, here are some ways to take care of those taste buds in a healthy way! A list of healthy French fries alternatives.

1. Zucchini fries/chips

Apart from being a great weight reduction inducer, Zucchini also helps improve eyesight and prevents diseases occurring from lack of Vitamin C. So try this rather than a bowl of fried potatoes.



2. Oven fried garlic-parmesan green beans

Green beans are rich in minerals and vitamins and even help in weight reduction because they are rich in fiber and help maintain the cell and body fluid. Combine these with garlic and parmesan for a yummy as well as healthy replacement for French fries.


3. Turnip fries

A high level of nutrients with the least amount of calories is one of best health benefits of turnip. Fry them and a lip-smacking replacement of French fries is here!


4. Carrot fries

Carrots are healthy in any form; be it biting them raw, mixing with a bowl of salad or any other way. Carrot fries are just another way to enjoy a healthy replacement!


5. Parsnip fries

Vitamins, mineral, fibres and good taste! Parsnips fries have it all.


6. Chickpea fries

Chickpeas taste good in any form so try this one too, and French fries will be forgotten soon.


7. Almond-crusted root vegetable fries

Dry fruits and vegetables together might sound skeptical as a food item but you’d be surprised at how good this healthy replacement tastes!


8. Portobello fries

Fried Portobello mushrooms does not sound appealing to the taste buds. But this replacement will make you believe they do!


9. Eggplant fries

People have their own opinions about eggplants as a consumable in any form but they do taste amazing when fried!


10. Rutabaga fries

Rutabaga helps in making the bones strong, and tingles the tongue in the form of fries, too!


11. Seasoned pepper sticks

In case vegetable and fruits are to be done with, go for simple pepper sticks!


12. Baked green bean sticks

Beans sound boring (and tastes bland, too) but they have some amazing health benefits, and the baked green bean sticks don’t taste that bad either.


13. Kale chips

Low in calories, high in fiber and with zero calories, Kale is good for the body and the chips are good for the taste buds.


14. Baked avocado fries

Avocado is claimed to be one of the healthiest foods, and surely the fries made out of them would be healthy, too!


15. Radish chips

Very few people actually like radish but because of the many health benefits, and because they taste good in the form of chips, they’d be great healthy replacement for French fries.


16. Low carb chili doritos

Crispy, yummy and healthy are all combined into this replacement of French fries.


17. Baked mozzarella sticks

We all love mozzarella, so this one would be sure hit with the body and taste buds, too!


18. Baked tortilla chips

Chips are a hit snack-time pick, so why not make it a healthy snack with these!


19. Baked broccoli chips

Broccoli, though a dreaded food item, has many health benefits. These baked chips would be a healthy snack-time option.


20. Beet chips

It is said that eating beet will make the blood the same color as the vegetable (which means pure and healthy).


21. Cheesy bacon oven chips

Cheese and bacon sound a delicious combo! And not to mention it’s healthy as well!


22. Baked asparagus fries

Green vegetables are said to be good for health. This would taste good, too!


23. Baked polenta fries

For a gluten-free option, this one tops it!


24. Baked apple chips

A fruit in the form of chips would not appeal to the taste buds but try it out to believe that it does taste good.


25. Baked butternut squash chips

Vitamin and minerals contained in squash are good for the body. The butternut added to the chips will be good for the hunger and taste buds.


26. Lemon pepper brussels sprout chips

If Brussels are bland, the lemon and pepper on the chips make this one a healthy as well as tasty snack!


27. Shamrock chips

These taste good, look good and are good for the body, too!


28. Baked pickles

Pickles tickle the tongue, and if baked they’ll take care of the health factor.


29. Cinnamon chips

Cinnamon makes for a tongue tickling food item. These chips are snack-time heaven.


30. Spinach chips

Popeye already taught us how good spinach is for our body, and these chips add the taste to it, too!



Go ahead, try these!

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