Unbelievable! An Alligator Attempts To Ring The Doorbell Of A House

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5:21 pm 6 May, 2016


An alligator was recently caught on the camera as he attempted to ring the doorbell of a South Carolina family’s house.

The unusual sight was recorded by Gary Rogers, who was stunned to see the alligator. He had been walking his dog in the neighborhood.


Rogers said that the alligator first took a stroll in the house and then tried to reach the door. He added the animal wasn’t aggressive at all.


Thankfully, the owner wasn’t at home that time and, the alligator eventually left.

The owner Jamie Bailey said she was at work when a neighbor alerted her. “I thought it was a joke. I mean who would have thought? An alligator!” she said.



Man! This is unbelievable!

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