Muslim Cleric Abusing Hindu Driver Sparks Twitter Debate While Attracting Comment From UP Police. Watch Video

4:31 pm 29 May, 2018


India is not new to communal violence. With the spread of social media among the masses the problem could easily get worse since in no time the message could reach millions and situation could take an ugly turn. Despite all the measures, sometime the tension could become unavoidable in a deeply traditional society like us.



Recently, a Twitter user shared a video in which a person dressed as a Muslim cleric is seen slapping and abusing an auto driver. The user shared the information that the driver is Hindu. The abuser is accompanied by other people filming the entire incident. Amidst the commotion, it can be heard that the abuser is saying:

‘Say that I am your father and I own your mother.’


Watch the video here:



The video quickly became viral. The user tagged UP police, and they were very quick to reply and ask for the incident’s location. Here’s the tweet:


The user just shared the video without any knowledge about the location. This is what he replied:


Soon people started commenting on the post. There were users who quickly raised questions about the authenticity of the video. They commented:





The others joined the discussion to condemn the incident and urging the police to take action. Also, they called out the media houses for keeping quite. Read the tweets:







What do you think about this entire incident? Is it a fabricated video or an evidence of communal intolerance?