18 Facts About Allahabad University That Offer A Peek Into Its Illustrious History

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6:00 pm 2 Jun, 2015


1. The University of Allahabad, also known as Allahabad University, is the fourth oldest university of the country.

It was established on September 23, 1887.


2. The University was founded as a college by Sir William Muir, the Lt. Governor of the United Provinces during the British rule.

This is why it was initially called Muir Central College.



3. So high was the educational standard of the Allahabad University that it was called the ‘Oxford of the East’.


4. The Central status of the University was restored on June 24, 2005.


5. William Emerson, the British architect who designed Kolkata’s Victoria Memorial and Mumbai’s Crawford Market, was the designer of the Allahabad University.


6. The architecture of the Allahabad University is a mix of Indo-Saracen, Egyptian and Gothic styles.


7. The Senate Hall of the Allahabad University is considered to be its finest building, and the best in Uttar Pradesh.

It was inaugurated by Lieutenant-Governor, Sir John Hewett, in 1912.


8. The Muir College was officially merged with the Allahabad University in 1921 after the promulgation of the Allahabad University Act that very year.


9. For the first time in 1951, the Allahabad University granted Associated College status to some local institutions.

They taught undergraduate courses under the faculties of Arts, Commerce, Science, and Law.


10. In July 1992, the Uttar Pradesh government accorded it formal recognition as a ‘Premier Institution’ (Vishesh Agrani Sanstha).


11. Two of its departments — Ancient History, Culture and Archaeology, and Psychology — are recognized as UGC Centres of Advanced Study.


12. The Allahabad University has been awarded several major research projects by national R&D.

Research is one area where the University is very strong.


13. A ‘Chair’ on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) has been granted to the University by the CSIR.


14. The motto of the Allahabad University, Quot Rami Tot Arbores, is Latin for “As many branches, so many trees”.


15. In 2012, the University of Allahabad was ranked No. 8 by the ‘India Today’ in the Indian University Rankings and No. 5 in the North Indian University Rankings.


16. The University has produced one President of India, one Vice-President, three Indian and one foreign Prime Ministers, many Chief Ministers, three Chief Justices of India, and one army chief.

No other university in the country has such a remarkable distinction.



17. Bharat Ratna Madan Mohan Malviya was a student of this University.


18. Tigmanshu Dhulia’s ‘Haasil’ was based on the life of students of AU at the time when student politics had severely dented its reputation.


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