This Short Video Explains All That You Need To Know About The New ₹2,000 Note

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6:07 pm 18 Nov, 2016

An App based news broadcasters recently released a two-minute video which explains all the new key security features that have been added to the newly launched ₹2,000 note.

Over the past few days, many rumours have started doing round on social media claiming weird features that have been added to this new currency.


While by now many know that the note is not GPS-enabled, there are still many who think that the note has a misprint or that it is fake, just because it looses colour.

The short video thus explains how one can check on certain things about the note, and be sure that the currency is in fact real and not fake.


Since its release, while many have claimed that it is almost impossible to copy the new ₹2,000 notes, there are still incidences where the people have just photocopied the note and then misused it for their own benefit.

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