Alka Yagnik’s Love Story Is Filled With Separation, Long Distance And No Regrets!

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5:14 pm 21 Mar, 2018


One of the most versatile singers of the country, Alka Yagnik, has always charmed her fans with her melodious voice. She is the person behind several hit songs like “Maiyya Yashoda”, “Tip Tip Barsa Paani”, “Bole Chudiyaan”, “Ae Mere Humsafar” etc.




Although, blessed with a heavenly voice, her personal life has been just like that of an average Indian woman. The singer had a love marriage with businessman Neeraj Kapoor in 1989 and was blessed with a daughter, Sayesha, the same year.

Yagnik met her future husband when she visited Delhi with her mother in 1986. Neeraj, who happened to be the nephew of a friend of Yagnik’s mother, was waiting for them at the station. Although they gave each other some tender glances, they stayed friends for a long time before getting married.



Remembering how Neeraj looked when she saw him for the first time, Yagnik said:

“He came in his pyjamas and my first impression was what kind of guy would do this! Later he told me that his first impression of me was a very glamorous woman alighting perfectly spruce from a train journey despite the early hours.”

The two stayed in touch despite Neeraj’s base being in Shillong where he had a flourishing family business. Neeraj would make it a point to catch up with her whenever he visited Mumbai. Soon, the two decided to tie the knot and broke the news to the family. The family welcomed their decision with open arms but were worried about their bases. Alka Yagnik had recently sung a hit song “Ek Do Teen” and had become a star overnight. Her parents grew worried if this long-distance marriage would work or not.



Many years later, Neeraj decided to set up his business in Mumbai. Yagnik commented:

Neeraj even tried to launch a business in Mumbai. But he is this simple small-town guy and he got cheated of a huge sum of money. So I told him that he should go back to Shillong and not let his business there get affected.


Yagnik accepted that they had to go through a troubled time in their marriage. Sometimes they would end up fighting but would always reconcile. She added:

People say you’re on a constant honeymoon. But it’s not like that. If you don’t live together, you don’t grow together. Somewhere, the communication gap creeps in.



Explaining how she remained in love with her husband, she quipped:

I’ll not lie and say that I’ve never got attracted to people. But I didn’t get carried away. My values are strong. I also believe one’s dignity lies in one’s hands. I don’t believe in frivolous behaviour.


We wish the two many more joyous years together.



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