Pakistani Girl Alishba, Who Was Linked With Mohammad Shami, Finally Breaks Her Silence On Their Relationship

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8:16 pm 19 Mar, 2018


In the past few weeks, a lot has happened in cricketer Mohammad Shami’s life with his wife Hasin Jahan coming out and alleging him of having an extramarital affairs, taking money and thus hinting of match-fixing (she later denied saying this) and alleging that Shami wanted her to have a physical relationship with his brother and his family wanted her murdered.

While all these allegations have left Shami’s reputation in tatters and career in jeopardy, one is still not sure where all this is heading.



Since the allegations first came out, a lot of people have been dragged into it, including Hasin’s first husband and a Pakistani girl – Alishba, with whom Hasin alleged Shami had an affair with.

While her first husband has already spoken out, until recently, Alishba had kept her silence and remained away from the media.


Shami and his wife Hasin

But after weeks of allegations, Alishba finally came out and spoke about her relationship with Shami in an interview with ABP News. She said,

“Yes, I met him.”

“I am a frequent flyer to Dubai because my sister stays in Sharjah. As a person, I really like Shami. As any fan that has idolised a celebrity, they always dream of meeting their idol. I had the desire to meet him (Shami) like any other fan would want to, which I don’t think is a big deal.”

She further addressed the controversy that Shami is currently facing and the messages that his wife sent as a proof to media and police and said,

“I respect him a lot as a person and we just became good friends…I came to know that he (Shami) was flying back home from South Africa via Dubai co-incidentally I was also travelling there going to my sisters’ place. I am one of his followers, which is how I became Shami’s friend. Just like he has lakhs of followers, I am one among those normal fans. I have sent him messages…”

Here is what Alishba exactly said during the interview:



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