Alibaba’s CEO Jack Ma Has Some Words Of Wisdom For You To Nail Your Professional Life

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6:03 pm 22 Jun, 2016


Jack Ma, the founder and ex-CEO of Alibaba, the world’s largest e-commerce website, has had his share of experiences which made him one of the most successful Internet entrepreneurs.

He was one of the first to bring the charm of internet to China, even if it took him 4 hours to download half a page the first time. Nevertheless, he’s 50 and has lived through a roller coaster ride of personal and professional highs and lows.

So, when billionaire Jack Ma parts some piece of advice to rising professionals, it ought to make some sense. The way in which he has described a life path of ambitious risers, it’s simplifying the entire wrecked up process.

This is what Jack Ma said when a professional asked for his advice.




Once we’ve hit the knowledge base, Jack asks us to head to a company which teaches thing in real time.

”Go to a small company. Normally in a big company, it’s good to learn processes, you’re a part of a big machine. But when you go to a small company, you learn the passion, you learn the dreams, and you learn how to do lots of things at any one time.”

He also says when you are 25, you have the leverage to make mistakes. So, hit trial and error and just enjoy the ride.



It’s time for action.

Being the crucial point of our lives, it demands that we think carefully. It’s the time to take the final call on what we exactly want.



Entrepreneur or not, it’s time to handpick things we are good at.

”Don’t try to drop into the new area, it’s too late. You may be successful, but the rate of dying is too big. Think about how to focus on things that you’re good at.”



Jack says once you hit the mid-spot, its time to relax and think smart.



You’ve had a long run amidst life’s rich experiences.

It’s time to introspect and soak in the good vibes.



And like any ripe soul, even Jack Ma has his share of regrets.

Apart from regretting missing out time with his family, Jack regrets speaking out in public. But he understands that life is too short for regrets. You gain experience. And after a while, you forget about regrets.



“Think about I have another 10-20 years to go. So enjoy the show, enjoy the ride. You’re the same.”

Jack Ma, you keep motivating!


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