This Open Letter To Alia Bhatt Shows How Impulsive Our Opinions Have Become

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4:31 pm 20 Apr, 2016


Zillions of words have fought for the mighty pen and even in the face of intolerant India, our intolerant but free words have come out in the form of ‘opinions’ and ‘open letters’.

Shobha De wrote an open letter to Kate Middleton for not choosing saree over her Anita Dongre calve-length dress – for the lack of an envious, curvaceous body. And this was not even the first time. Shehnaz Treasurywala has written plenty of them while social media has given the viral trophy to innumerable open letters penned by aam junta too. 



Latest is an open letter to Alia Bhatt who’s portraying a character of a woman from Bihar in ‘Udta Punjab’. Mind you, the movie hasn’t released yet. With a cast of four actors in main roles, Alia’s character has not more than two or three scenes in the entire trailer.


But who waits for an entire movie to form an opinion and shout it from the rooftop?

Not this insta-viral generation.

So, here’s what this bonafide Bihari girl thinks of Alia’s portrayal in a 3-minute 9-second trailer.




While we are free citizens of this apparently free world, why are we so darn quick to judge and pass snide remarks or volatile opinions on it?

While social media has given us the power to shoot our opinions on celebs and friends alike, why can’t we have the sanity to open an article and read it instead of firing comments just by our perception of the headline?

Guess Alia Bhatt had the most apt reply to this letter on Twitter.


The fact is, a stirring discussion supported by informed opinion is great. It’s a worthy sign of a society aware and willing to change things.

But a directionless discussion with an impulsive opinion is a sign of a volatile, immature society.

Let’s grow, not degrade.