Considering These Jokes In Second Promo Of Dear Zindagi, Seems Like Alia Bhatt Is Playing Alia Bhatt

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2:27 pm 24 Oct, 2016

No, no. I don’t mean to offend Alia Bhatt because honestly, somewhere I too share the same ‘lame’ sense of humor as her. So whenever the world has gone gaga over trolling her, I have enjoyed her innocent digs in symphony.


hot-gifs-of-alia-bhatt (3)


Her latest flick, ‘Dear Zindagi’ is already impressing people with it’s  innocent glimpses. While her chemistry with Shah Rukh is sweetness overload in its first promo, the second promo is released today. So this time, Alia is not asking for freedom, but is seen putting out her best lame humor upfront.

Cycle ko recycle karenge?” 

”Paani milega, Jug se, Jag?” 

Watch Alia adorably mouthing this and trust me, you will fall for her jokes.


No, Alia. We are totally okay with these jokes! 



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