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Ali Zafar Gave An On The Spot Interview On Twitter To Fulfill This Journo’s Dream And It’s Lovely

Published on 17 August, 2017 at 12:00 pm By

If this journalist would have asked for something else, Twitter Genie would have fulfilled that wish as well!

She had a dream of interviewing ‘Dear Zindagi’ actor, Ali Zafar and the actor granted her wish! This humble, generous act of the actor gave us another reason to love him!

Ali Zafar. source



So, Hira Hyder, a journalist by profession, expressed her wish to interview Ali Zafar once. However, she never would have expected that her dream will come true.


With a big heart, Ali Zafar generously said that she should have asked for something big. As giving an interview is just a very small thing that she has asked for.


Here’s what the actor said,


Wasting no time, Hira started a rapid fire round for Ali Zafar and he answered each question in the most musical, romantic, and unique way.

Here are the questions that Hira asked:

1. The best way to cope with nostalgia.


2. One thing to keep believing in love.


3. Advice for the dreamers.


4. Nailed it!


5. What makes a woman complete in a man’s perspective?


6. Advice for older siblings.


7. Heart winning!


And then Hira received a gorgeous gift!

Here’s the translation of his autograph,


Kya muhabbat ki koi zubaan hoti hai?
Kya iss ki shiddat bayaan hoti hai?
Kya chahat kisi ki raazdaan hoti hai?
Kya haqeeqat kisi ko ayaan hoti hai?

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