JD(U)’s Ali Anwar Says His Alleged Controversial Remark Was Not Directed At Smriti Irani

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12:45 pm 7 Jul, 2016

Trust Janata Dal (United) leaders to open their mouths and make news. Ali Anwar, a Rajya Sabha member representing Bihar for JD(U), allegedly made a disparaging remark on Textiles Minister Smriti Irani.

While talking to a TV channel on the Modi government’s reshuffle of the Cabinet in which Irani was shifted to the Textiles ministry from the HRD, Anwar allegedly made the controversial remark.

Reports quote him saying: “Good that Irani has been elected as textile minister; it will help her cover body.”


File photo of Ali Anwar.

File photo of Ali Anwar.

In his defence, Anwar said that the alleged statement was made in regard to Textile Ministry and was not against Irani.

“This is completely wrong. I never made such a statement, I never commented on Smriti Irani, rather I was commenting about the Textile Ministry which covers the body of people. I always respect women, why would I say about her. I have immense respect for her,” he told ANI.




According to ANI, Anwar blamed the media for portraying him in negative light. He also refused to apologise for his remark.

“There are some sections in the media who altered the statement I made. I think the media should instead apologise for portraying me in a negative manner,” he told ANI.

The same Twitterati which had on Wednesday taken a dig at Smriti Irani for being shifted to the Textiles Ministry stood strongly behind her this time, highlighting the fine line that distinguishes sarcasm from crassness.

And despite differences between his party and BJP, AAP leader Kumar Vishwas blasted Anwar for his outrageous remarks on Irani.


(Despicable and slanderous comment. Forgetting morality in political differences is highly immoral.)




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