Sanskari Alexa Filtered Out Abhi Na Jao C***D Kar And Twitterati Can’t Stop Laughing

1:21 pm 29 Nov, 2018


India is a country where we like to filter out things. From cuss to sensual words, our cinema and TV refuses to show anything un-sanskari! Thankfully, the online streaming platforms like Amazon are providing the audience with content without the interference of censorship. However, now it seems that Amazon is also joining the revolution for ‘purifying’ the content. Calm down! There is no censorship from Amazon on its content but the sanskari stance came from Alexa. Yes, the digital assistance launched by Amazon.

Indians are going gaga over this new device. Controlled by voice, it is certainly making the urban life much comfortable. The hell, however, broke loose when one of the users noticed censorship on an uncalled for content.




It turns out that a user was trying to play a popular Hindi song Abhi Na Jaao Chhodkar through Alexa. While the song started playing, the word Chhod was filtered out. Thinking it is the fault of the music playing platform Saavn, the user dished out an angry post.



Then he revealed that the filter is not only on the word but audio too! This is what he posted:



Naturally, the netizens were warming up to troll Saavn but the music platform soon replied. They said that there is no such censorship from their end. Not only that but they were also clueless about this whole filtering out.



Upon a bit more digging it was revealed that Amazon Alexa filtered out this Hindi word. Here is what the music streaming platform posted:



The user also tendered an apology. Those who know Hindi are certainly chuckling hard. For the uninitiated, the word Chhod is a homonym. It means those words that sound the same but have different meanings.



In the Hindi song, the word Chhod means to ‘leave’ but the other meaning is ‘sex’. Naturally, the user also tried playing various Hindi songs containing the same word and got the censored results.



Well, you can understand the kind of hilarity this unwanted censorship ensued. Take a glimpse at some of the comments from the netizens.












Considering the word ‘derogatory’, the app turned on its explicit filter and blocked it. Though we can understand the reason behind Alexa’s behavior, it is downright hilarious. What are your thoughts on this entire fiasco? Let us know in the comments below.