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Alastair Cook Brilliantly Takes A No-Look Blinder Catch To Save Reporter’s Life

Published on 30 June, 2017 at 2:00 pm By

It is not an everyday sight to witness a human being showcasing Cheetah-like reflexes. Alastair Cook is a celebrated cricketer from England who has earned the respect of being a man with brilliant moves in slip fielding. And his recent encounter with a raging ball about to smash a reporter’s face is unbelievable.

Former England captain, Alastair Cook, was giving an interview on the sidelines of an English County Cricket match between Essex and Middlesex. While on the ground, a ball potential enough to hit the face of the reporter and break a few bones came from behind. In a matter of few seconds, he caught the ball nonchalantly.



In the video, we see a mishit shot send the ball with great intensity towards the duo. Luckily, Cook got his hand out and caught the ball without even looking at it. He seemed calm while performing the series of actions. This saved the reporter from what could have been a fatal shot right in the face.

A still from the video when Alastair Cook saves the reporter by catching the mishit ball.News 18


The video of the incident has since gone viral. Such smooth movement and highly functional quick reflexes speak of Cook’s prowess over targeting and timing. He has displayed this ability when he participated in an exhibition darts series and led with 2-0.

Alastair Cook playing Darts.YouTube


It is notable that Cook is going to be on the field for the first time after resigning from Test captaincy in a series against South Africa. Of late, he has been playing domestic cricket. Even though England is not playing much Test cricket, Cook is enjoying headlines due to his applauded slip fielding.

As much as the fans are shocked to see the video, some argue that it was scripted for marketing purposes. All we know is that even for a scripted video, this stunt looks quite difficult.



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