Alan Turing Solved Solitaire Puzzle 62 Years Ago In A Letter To An 8-Year-Old Girl

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1:30 pm 11 Jun, 2015

Heard of solitaire board game? No? Okay, some call it Brainvita and it is this.




It is possible that you raked your brains over this in your childhood. Some play it into their 90s, too! But only a rare few are able to solve it, which is basically leaving only one marble on the board at the end of play.


Alan Turing, for who the word ‘genius’ will not be an exaggeration, once wrote a letter to an eight-year-old daughter of a colleague who asked him how to solve the game.

In his letter, written a year before he died, Turing gave very simple hacks using which anyone can become a master at Brainvita.


Alan Turing Solitaire solved

Autograph letter signed (“Alan Turing”), to Maria Greenbaum (“Dear Maria”), explaining with the aid of three diagrams the moves needed to play out successfully at solitaire.




The letter is going under the hammer at an auction and will possibly fetch UK pound 60,000 (INR 60 lakh).

Alan Turing was the mathematician who helped the allied forces win the World War II by breaking encrypted Nazi German codes. He is considered the father of computer science. Turing committed suicide after being convicted of homosexuality – a crime in UK at the time – in 1954. Benedict Cumberbatch portrayed Turing in the film ‘The Imitation Game’.


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