The Facilities In The Al-Hair Prison Of Saudi Arabia Would Put Even A Luxury Hotel To Shame

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9:31 pm 21 Sep, 2017


Usually, a prison is perceived as a gloomy and dirty room having bars on one of its walls and prisoners are men and women who are confined behind those bars. These prisoners are criminals who are being punished for their crime(s) and hence, have no right to live free like common people. But there is a prison in Saudi Arabia where prisoners are accorded all the luxuries one can think of. In fact, most of the common people living free on the planet are not fortunate enough to live in the kind of extravagance the prisoners of this jail live. And these prisoners are the most dangerous terrorists of Al-Qaida and other similar outfits.

Interiors of the Al-Hair prison of Saudi Arabia Naukrinama


The Al-Hair prison near Riyadh in Saudi Arabia is one of the most lavish prisons of the world. The facilities it offers aren’t any less than those offered by a five-star hotel. The prison is Saudi Arabia’s way of rehabilitating terrorists.

The prison has lavish indoors Naukrinama



These terrorists are hailed as “Saudi sons” who deserve a chance to return to the right path of life even after doing whatever acts of terror they have. The jail functions under a huge security system, complete with towers and armed guards and is one of the five high-security prisons that the administration of Saudi Arabia has set up to combat the increasing risk of terrorism.

The rooms have king-sized bed Naukrinama


The Al-Hair prison is capable of accommodating 5000 inmates at a time. The inmates of this jail are kept in luxury suites equipped with king-sized beds, a refrigerator, and a shower. For the relaxation of the inmates, there are facilities of swimming pool, bar, gym, sauna and many other indulgences.

The prison has a swimming pool Naukrinama


Other amenities granted to the inmates are ATMs, medical center, lounge space, a soccer field, a football ground and a tennis court. Hanging on the walls of the jail are bags full of fresh fruits, cookies and candy bars which the prisoners can relish anytime they want. Apart from this, they get three proper meals a day.

A glimpse of the gym inside Al-Hair prison of Saudi Arabia Naukrinama


Other than all sorts of opulence provided to the inmates of this jail, the government also pays their families for food, rent, and education expenses until the criminal completes his sentence. The prisoners are allowed to contact their family and live with their wife and other family members for a certain period of time every month in a boutique style hotel set up inside the jail premises. Inmates who have more than one wife can have all their wives visit them once every month. The prison has, in fact, also helped a few prisoners get married in its premises under a lavish setup.



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