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Akshaye Khanna Reveals How He Still Cannot Forget Aishwarya’s Beauty And Their ‘Taal’ Days

Published on 3 November, 2017 at 6:14 pm By

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is still hailed as one of the most beautiful women in the world. In 1994, she made India proud by becoming Miss World. Since that day, the actress is ruling our hearts and proving herself the best by giving phenomenal performances. After having her daughter, Aaradhya, her career took a back seat, but she always manages to stay in the headlines by leaving us amazed with her evergreen beauty during the public appearances.



Recently, the star cast of the movie ‘Ittefaq’ gathered on a specially organized chat show ‘Interrogation with Karan Johar’ and made many interesting revelations during the show. The movie is a remake of Yash Chopra’s 1969 cult classic of the same name.

Since the marketing technique of the filmmaker of ‘Ittefaq’ was not to give any spoiler to the audience, the makers as well as the cast didn’t talk much about the film in all the promotional events. In the movie, Akshaye Khanna is playing the role of a cop. His intense acting skills were also praised by the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, in one of the promotional events of the film.


During the specially organized chat show, Karan asked Akshaye ‘who he finds the sexiest woman in the industry’. While answering this difficult question, Akshaye expressed his fondness for his ‘Taal’ film’s costar, Aishwarya.

As reported by India Times, Akshaye was awestruck by Aishwarya’s beauty. He said,

“I can’t take my eyes off her every time I meet her. I have done two films with her. She might be used to be people looking at her. For me, it’s embarrassing. I am not used to not being able to take my eyes off somebody. You just keep staring at her like a lunatic.”



Agreeing to Akshaye’s revelations, Sonakshi Sinha expressed that not just guys but she herself cannot take her eyes off Ash and finds her damn stunning.


Akshaye’s revelation about his relationship with his ‘Taal’ costar proves that it’s still difficult for him to forget the days he has spent with Ash during the movie’s shoots.

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