Akshay Kumar’s Transformation Video For 2.0 Is Getting Viral

1:25 pm 17 Nov, 2018


The first collaboration between Akshay Kumar and superstar Rajinikanth is finally happening. In bits and pieces, we have been getting the glimpses of their upcoming film 2.0. The first look of the film was out in late 2017 and since then fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of the movie. If we compare 2.0 with films like Thugs of Hindostan and Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero, the film looks completely different and appears like a fantasy cum science fiction.

A few days back we gave you an idea about the film’s making and also shared the making video. And now Akshay Kumar has shared the video about how his character took shape in the film. It is very interesting to see Akshay Kumar turning into a villain after a long time and that too, not an ordinary one. He is a villainous bird that causes havoc!


Shot from Akshay Kumar's transformation video




It is a fact that the actor has never spent much of his time inside green rooms while shooting his previous films. However, for this particular role, the actor used to sit for hours to get into his character.


Much credit goes to a brilliant team of makeup and hair artists who spent a good amount of time in making Akshay look scary.



The actor had to undergo a very time-consuming session each day of the shoot to get the required prosthetics and mask fixed to his face. In fact, slipping into the costume was much of a deal for him. Though Akshay’s character has not been named yet by the makers of the film, it is evident that he would turn out to be a great antagonist.

Here is Akshay Kumar’s transformation video shared by him which displays his journey of turning into a villain, during the shoot of 2.0.



In the video, Akshay reveals that it used to take him three and a half hours daily to put on the makeup and one and a half hours to remove it completely. Now that looks like a great deal. So who says becoming an actor is easy? Let us tell you that the film is a sequel to the 2010 film Robot. We are already filled with excitement and can’t wait to watch Chitti fighting the villainous bird!

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