Akshay Kumar Might Replace Salman Khan In Bigg Boss Season 11

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11:50 pm 30 Jun, 2017

Salman Khan has finally made up his mind, and he is likely to quit Bigg Boss. The actor has hosted last seven seasons of this mega show.


The TV Channel, Colors, is very keen to get Akshay, and they are pretty confident that they will get him on board, soon. A close source confirmed that Salman is not serious about the show anymore,

Salman has been wanting to opt out from Bigg Boss for some years now. Every year he announces he won’t do Bigg Boss as it impinges on his other commitments and makes a heavy demand on  his time. But now he is seriously not keen to go on. Akshay Kumar with his huge connect with the masses is seen as the best replacement.


With solid personality and fearless nature, Akshay is the right choice for Bigg Boss. What you say, people?