You’ll Be Surprised To Know How Akshay Kumar Bagged His First Movie And How Much He Was Paid For It

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Updated on 29 Nov, 2018 at 6:39 pm


Bollywood has all sorts of wonder stories. The tinsel town may reek of nepotism but it has its fair share of success stories. And one such story is of Khiladi No.1 Akshay Kumar.


It is a known fact that the ‘Boss’ actor was a chef in Bangkok before he joined Bollywood and is also a black belt in martial arts. Married to Twinkle Khanna and a proud father, Akshay recently opened up about his life and his struggling days.




Narrating how he missed an assignment with a modelling agency, Kumar said:

So, I woke up one morning to start my workout. At six in the evening that day, I was meant to go to Bangalore for a modelling assignment that I’d got. At 5.10 am, I got a call from the airport. The [modelling] agency guy asked me where I was. I said I was home. And then he blasted me, over how unprofessional I was. He said, “You will never succeed in life, I can guarantee you.” I asked, “What happened?” And then I realised, the flight I had thought was for 6 pm, was actually for 6 am. I was actually in tears telling him, “Yaar, mein bhag ke, motorcycle pe abhi aata hoon [I can just rush in now].” Unfortunately, they didn’t agree. Obviously, they were also right. They had to catch a flight as well. Ussi din, mera card bhi aa gaya chap ke [That’s the day my visiting cards arrived from the printing press]. I was very low. My father had gone to work. I was talking to my mother, who said, as every mother says in their own language, “Puttar koi baat bahi. Jo honda hai, Rab theek karta hai” [Whatever happens, happens for the good].



He further revealed that same day, he went to Natraj studio where Pramod Chakravarty saw him. He said:

Much to my surprise, he gave me my first cheque, signed me up for three films, immediately. Right away. he gave me a cheque of Rs 5000, for the first film, Rs 50,000, for second film, and the third cheque had Rs 1.5 lakh on it. The exact time he gave me those cheques was 6 o’clock in the evening. It would have been a disaster, if I would have gone to Bangalore. Today, I would be a retired model somewhere. So yes, whatever happens is for the good.




Well, and that’s how he became a superstar.